How to build your Instagram account

How to build your Instagram account

Social media marketing is the in thing nowadays. Instagram has over 500 million users who browse every day. This is a great platform to interact with all different types of audiences globally. However, just like any other social media site, there are right ways to use it and wrong ways to use it. Therefore, you have to come up with clever ideas on how to grow your following. The following are some of the ways on how you can effectively use Instagram and get that massive following.

  • Create consistency in your theme.
  • Engage with other followers on your feed
  • Reach out to Instagram influencers.
  • Come up with a unique hashtag in your posts.
  • Make the most use of your bio URL.
  • Add geotags to your posts.

Let’s get deeper into each and every tactic.

  1. Create consistency in your theme

Consistency is key if you want to grow your Instagram followers. Most followers do not linger in the posts you updated in the past but what is in store for your future posts. In every social media site content is key. Therefore, every subject that you post should be appealing to your target audience. You want to grow your brand, therefore having an account with a consistent theme even with the simple pattern can entice your visitors to follow you.

  1. Engage with other followers on your fees.

Engaging with your followers should be a key tool to ensure that you retain your followers. There are three ways to engage:

  • Like photos of your followers
  • Follow them back
  • Comment on their photos
  1. Reach out to Instagram influencers.

There are Instagram accounts people frequently look for guidance. So, if you want to cut through and be able to reach out to your target audience the best way is to look for this guidance. This is through Instagram influencers. So how do you approach an Instagram influencer?

Identify a few Instagram influencers who can work well with your brand. They will help you accomplish the set goal you have in mind.

Engage with them by liking their photos and commenting on their posts. If they respond that’s well and good but if not it’s a good way of showing them that you’re interested in their content.

If they engage with you and are interested in your brand, send them freebies. Instagram influencers love receiving preferential treatment. If they seem interested in your brand, be sure to send them a sample of your product. A simple shout out   from them about your product and brand will ensure it will be reached out to your targeted audience.

  1. Come up with unique hashtags.

#in your photos can be extremely engaging with your audience hashtags helpful people to easily find your photo which what they are associated with period use the right hashtags, and you will definitely get new users. Some of the popular hashtags are #love, # instadaily# repost.

  1. Make the most optimum use of your bio URL.

Changing your bio profile at least once a week will create new traffic to your account. Nobody wants always to see the same old thing over and over again. Update that clickable link in your bio with the new and hottest content.

  1. Add geotags to your posts.

To be more creative visit new areas or even your neighborhood depending on what sort of advertising you want. People always get interested in viewing how different places are and what they have an offer. Tagging that location can create a lot of traffic to your account.

These tricks are a sure way of how you can get that massive following which you want. Whether you are a big brand or just an individual with the six tactics, you will be an Instagram star within no time.

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